Project Androidify’d : Helping Cancer Patients

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This week we’re spotlighting a great example of people making small gestures of kindness, using their talent and time, to manufacture a larger contribution to a cause that hits close to home for them, as well as many others. We had the chance to sit down briefly with the creative force behind “Project Androidify’d”,  Spiderfly Studios.

L.O.H : What’s the motivation behind the Androidify’d project?

Spiderfly Studios :
“So from time to time I try to come up with an extra way to help others out… even if it is as little as some grocery money.   In this case it is a cancer patient I know.  Even with good insurance, the cost of treatment is high…so every little bit helps. No one should have to spend a moment trying to decide whether or not to buy food or pay for a treatment they need. Even a little help sent their way can mean they can have both.”

L.O.H : What’s the goal of this particular initiative?

Spiderfly Studios :
“I don’t know how well this project will do, so even if the proceeds after costs will only buy someone dinner for one night… then it’s well worth the effort and time. If it does do well, I’d like to be able to also donate to Stand Up 2 Cancer if possible…but for the moment it will be a direct donation where it can do the most good.”

L.O.H : What got you started in charitable fundraising efforts and volunteer causes?

Spiderfly Studios :
“I’ve always done things like that, but the main motivator right now is being with someone with cancer.”

So here’s the low-down on how you can get involved:

Simply Androidify yourself @ or use the mobile app and Spiderfly Studios will turn it into a custom t-shirt that will include a custom, matching back side version that they’ll create for you.

They’re also offering Androidify’d social cards. The back will feature your Androidify’d self, the front will display your info in that great new Android L contact screen layout.


If you order one of each you’ll automatically get $10 off, and if you order more than one shirt, say one for each member of the family? Get 15% off the shirts when you order two or more.

More importantly, all of the proceeds are donated directly to a cancer patient in need.
Have questions for Spiderfly Studios? Contact them

Interested in finding out more about how Androidify works? Check out their FAQ.

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