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Spotlight: Gifts for Strangers

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The holiday season is upon us. Christmas carols can be heard over the radio, beautiful light displays can be seen around neighbourhoods, and many people are focusing on their holiday shopping list.

This holiday season, why not add a little extra to your holiday list? Why not give a gift to a stranger?


Gifts for Strangers, is a world-wide cause to spread kindness and goodwill around the world, just through simple acts.”

In 2010, 20 people participated in Gifts for Strangers. By 2011, over 23 cities had joined in the gift giving celebration. People from all over the world were passing out gifts to people they didn’t even know.

Imagine for a moment…

You’re out busy with your Christmas shopping. Hustling around, trying to maneuver through the crowds of people. Suddenly, someone comes up to you and hands you a wrapped present. You might be a little confused at first. But then that wonderful warm feeling of receiving kindness from a stranger kicks in.

“Alone we can do so little; together we can do so much.”
– Helen Keller

How It Works:

Participating in Gifts for Strangers is very easy. You are asked to purchase, or make, several inexpensive gifts. These gifts can be anything from a poem, or a piece of homemade art, to an item that is in good shape, but you no longer need.

Wrap your gifts with some style, and include a handwritten note for each one. Take your time with your notes. Make them personal, heartfelt, and thoughtful. Remember, the goal is to make someone’s Christmas extra special. Sign your note, “From one stranger to another”.

On December 20, 2014, you will meet with others who are participating in Gifts for Strangers, and begin passing out your gifts. Bringing joy to others around you, and of course to yourself.

The goal this year is to have more than 50 cities participate in Gifts for Strangers. You can read more about Gifts for Strangers on their website, or connect with them on Facebook!

Don’t see your city listed? It’s alright! You can start Gift for Strangers in your own city by grabbing a few friends, or go with your family.

So this year, add an extra item, or two, to your shopping list  and give a gift to a stranger!

Image c/o: Global Gifts for Strangers