Spotlight : Binky Patrol

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Lend One Hand is pleased to shine our very first Spotlight on a community-based non-profit organization that has grown nationwide called Binky Patrol.

Founded and headed enthusiastically by Susan Finch of Susan Finch Solutions, Binky Patrol was designed to allow people from all ages and resources to be able to make a difference at their local level of community. They provide homemade blankets to children and teens who need the love and comfort provided by their very own Binky.

A Little Bit of History

Having been involved with raising money through her art gallery for a local battered women’s shelter – Human Options of Newport Beach, California, Susan wanted to find a way to continue to serve her community even as her time grew more and more limited due to running her own retail business. Her mom had the idea to make blankets for unwed mothers, and with Susan’s local connections to framers and artists who would have spare fabric remnants, the pieces for Binky Patrol all seemed to just fit together. And “sew” it began. Starting in Laguna Beach in May of 1996, Susan combined her love for volunteering and artistic creation and took it to an amazing whole new level of giving. Initially, Binky Patrol had five volunteers, and has grown to over 160 chapters, with an estimated 20,000 volunteers nationwide ranging in age from four to 94. Pretty impressive for a project started by a mom and a daughter!


Binky Patrol is going strong with new chapters opening all the time. Social media opportunities such as their Binky Patrol Google Plus Page help spread the word even more. Here is their G Plus tagline:

Their Mission Statement (taken from their website,

“We make blankets to give them away to children and teens in need of comfort.”

All volunteer, national, non-profit organization making and distributing homemade blankets to children born HIV+, drug-addicted, infected with AIDS or other chronic & terminal illnesses, those who are abused, in foster care or experiencing trauma of any kind.

Susan teaches people how to make these blankets, and also how to teach others too – a perfect example of what we need more of in our communities around the world, and a perfect example of what OUR community is trying to foster. … Reach one hand up, and one hand down.

The Future of Binky Patrol

Susan has applied for a Chase grant to help fund some of the different service projects she’s heading. She doesn’t have any paid workers helping to make these blankets and distribute them. All the supplies and labor are donated. So if anyone would like to donate fabric or Joann’s Gift Cards then she will gladly take them. Although I know that Susan wants more than anything to simply empower people to get out there in their communities, make some blankets, and have fun doing it.

I’ve learned so many valuable technical skills from Susan from all she teaches about tech and website design, though I’ve learned even more by following her and watching her GIVE endlessly to her family, her clients, her community on Google Plus – and probably most of all through projects like Binky Patrol.

The passion that Susan has for helping people is undeniable. It truly shows through everything she does – even the children she raises. By their fruits, ye shall know them… 

I invite you to watch this video to get a glimpse for yourself and be inspired to make a difference where it counts – in the local community around you. I’m super excited to be apart of this movement!

Let’s Do This Thing!