Spotlight : Animal House Shelter, Inc

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Wonder who is helping all the homeless animals? Does it tug at your heart to hear so many of these animals are homeless, abused, or never have felt grass between their paws? The great news is that there are many more organizations out there than ever before to help these lovable animals!

barneyth_bigThis week our Spotlight is a small and loved organization – Animal House Shelter, Inc in Huntley, IL. Animal House Shelter (AHS) is a no-kill shelter that was founded in June of 2002 and has since adopted out 28,000 cats and dogs to loving homes! They are a non-for-profit organization that rescues abused and neglected dogs and cats and rehabilitates them mentally & physically in order to place them with the best new family.  98% of their dogs are rescued from high ‘kill’ shelters, pounds and  various animal control facilities in which they are usually listed as strays, and almost always scheduled to be euthanized. The best possible veterinary care is always given to those at Animal House Shelter. They never decline treatment, whatever it may entail, if it means that the animal has a chance at a new and healthy life.

Animal House Shelter strives to go above and beyond when caring for and socializing the animals they care for.  They also understand the importance of getting to know each and every animal available for adoption in an effort to place them in the most perfect home possible.  All dogs are walked 4-5 times a day and socialized with each other and volunteers.  The cats are housed in a large ‘free roam’ cat room so they can socialize all day with each other, staff, volunteers and potential adopters.

keanuIn an effort to create additional effective marketing, the shelter wanted to use social networking to create awareness for the shelter and the animals that need homes. In 2011, Animal House Shelter started on Facebook and other social network platforms to begin this initiative. In just 4 years, this small local shelter now has almost 20,000 supporters on Facebook with hundreds of posts from supporters each week. Posts from Animal House Shelter often link to either events, fundraisers or specific animals up for adoption with direct links to their website ( They have found that social media has become an effective and low cost way to announce events and news and distribute news quickly. And often times, families who adopt from the shelter will post updates on how their new furry family member is doing, along with pictures. The shelter has seen great success using social media to spread the word on animals in need and there is a great group of volunteers who help moderate and post out to the social community. In addition, the social networks have connected the animal rescue to other other great organizations that are involved or connected to animal rescue. This has resulted in combined efforts in raising funds, as well as additional donations to Animal House Rescue.toshi

To date, this organization is constantly at full capacity housing as many dogs and cats as they possibly can. They always are in need of foster homes to help out with the overwhelming amount of animals that need to be saved. If you are interested in helping, there are many ways you can!

  1. “Like” Animal House Shelter on Facebook so you can stay up to date on how the animals and the shelter is doing and what they may need help with at the time. Share the site and posts with others who may be able to help or have interest in the cause!
  2. If local and looking for a companion, adopt or even foster! Animal House Shelter takes great time and care in matching compatible animals and owners/fosters so that both are happy!
  3. If local to the shelter, volunteer your time! From walking dogs, spending time with the cats, or even helping with the maintenance at the shelter, your time is much appreciated!
  4. Local or not! Make a donation! Monetary donations or supplies are greatly appreciated at anytime. Especially as the holidays grow near the influx of animals occur due to animal control having limited staff available. Please check the website for the list of  what the shelter is urgently needing at this time.

And please subscribe to their email newsletter to also stay up to date on urgent needs, events and what is happening!