June is PTSD Awareness month

June is PTSD Awareness month

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June is the month for *PTSD awareness and thanks to Tim Evans’ share from Loanwoolf D, I know that now. Grateful for the share, Tim & Loanwoolf!

PTSD affects so many of us worldwide and is a very real thing. One does not need to be enlisted in military service to suffer the war on humanity.

Many a person (especially on social media) are reaching out the very best way they can to make a connection with someone who will take the time to listen. These individuals did not ask to suffer strongly – they just did.

We can make a difference in another’s life by lending our compassion and truly investing in understanding what it’s like to walk in another person’s shoes, thus affecting all of those whom they associate with as well. – – I know this because I have been the recipient of such kindness.

PTSD is not an individual’s problem→ it’s the result of a social construct created by communities that have not yet embraced responsibility & kindness. Strive to live a life emanating kindness and we will – together – eradicate the hurt and pain suffered so needlessly across our world.

On perhaps a controversial note, I find irony that the current issue of the month is something that is so drastically common among those whom were affected by the very thing that sportsman and humanitarian, Muhammad Ali is known for protesting. Most of all, I’m reminded of his great bravery and willingness to make a stand for his beliefs. As a conscientious objector, he brought attention to the Vietnam war in a way that many protesters had wished to do. Ali used his fame to promote what he believed in. …We have now – through the use of internet resources – the ability to raise our voices individually and collectively.

All we need now is a cause to believe in.

#LendOneHand  #HumanNation

Love & Peace,

~Kristin Drysdale

*To learn more about PTSD, please consider these sites:

National Institute of Mental Health

National Center for PTSD