How did YOU participate in the National Random Acts of Kindness Day?

In General by Chris Jenkins4 Comments

February 17th was the National Random Acts of Kindness day, an annual tradition started in New Zealand, and supported by the Random Acts of Kindness Foundation. This annual event encourages all of us to commit random acts of kindness, spreading joy and positivity through out our schools, workplaces, and communities. EventsToCelebrate put out this list of 62 suggestions for random acts of kindness, which included the following:

  1. Leave quarters in gumball machines
  2. Leave quarters at vending machines
  3. Leave quarters at laundry mat
  4. Take shopping carts inside
  5. Pay for food at drive thru for person behind you
  6. Deliver donuts to a friend
  7. Take your car mechanic/oil change person a treat
  8. Leave dollar bills taped to random toys at the dollar store
  9. Leave quarters at the vending machine of the ER
  10. Say thank you

…and 52 more!

We want to know: what did you do to celebrate? Tell us about your random acts of kindness in the comments, and we’ll feature some of the best comments in a future post. Let’s keep the kindness spreading!