Furnishing Hope Helps Diana

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I’ve had the pleasure to work with members of Furning Hope AZ as well as volunteers for the Potter House in Tempe, Arizona over the past few years. I can remember the first time I volunteered my services to the Potter House, which takes place at an United Methodist Church next to the campus of Arizona State University. We unloaded all of the food and beverages in which we supplied for the evening, planning to serve at least one-hundred people and then I was introduced to Diana. At the time she was a house-less person (I prefer this terminology over homeless). Carmen introduced me to the Potter House. Pictured above: Carmen (left), Diana (right).

Being my first time volunteering at this venue, I was trying to not be in the way and help out in any way possible. I could tell that Diana noticed my stance, she made an extra effort to converse with me. I quickly learned how popular she is! In this small kitchen myself, Diana and two other volunteers served food to the 100+ people who were humbly accepting dinner. Almost every single one of them was excited to see Diana. Regardless of gender or age, each person had to make a comment to, or say hello Diana. It was an amazing sight to behold.

Even-though Diana has been house-less for too long, she has been an inspiration to others in the house-less community by:

  • the effort she gives in assisting in events where help is provided
  • encouraging others to accept help
  • extending her friendship to everyone she meets
  • communicating reality to those providing help

The degree to which she has effected so many lives can not be overstated given her unique circumstance. Diana has also been an integral part of a group home – another important place of healing which is not to be taken for granted.


The amazing growth of Furnishing Hope Az is a wonderful thing

In the winter of 2014, Carmen & Furnishing Hope put the finishing touches on Diana’s first apartment – – including a Christmas tree up in time for the holidays! The path that Diana has traveled which included years of living without stable shelter to her present-day condition of having an apartment with heat for the winter is the exact thing that Lend One Hand loves to see! Stories like this can create a positive spark which may help the next person to find their way from living on the street to residing in a comfortable home.

To Diana: Myself and many others have so much respect for you. It is so wonderful to know your arduous journey has brought you to a place of peace and happiness. You deserve it!